Business Ethics Week 1 Tasks

Answer to CASE 1 Monsanto Attempts to Balance Stakeholder Interests INTRODUCTION When you think of Monsanto

LP2 Assignment: Wal-Mart Manages Ethics and Compliance Challenges 1. Do you think Walmart is doing enough to become more sustainable?

1. Briefly read either Case 1 or Case 2, located in Part 5 of the textbook. These are interesting cases with real-world ethical applications. Answer the end of case questions (one short paragraph each for each question).

2. Briefly read either Case 3 or Case 4, located in Part 5 of the textbook. Answer the end of case questions (one short paragraph each).

3. Tell the difference between Situational Ethics (relativism) and Absolutism. (one short paragraph total). You can locate this on Google.

4. Briefly explain how it is ethical for an individual to accumulate wealth within a capitalism society?

5. Briefly explain how someone can rationalize selling an unsafe legal product (such as cigarettes) to consumers within a free market place.



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